Histamine Collection

This powerful blend of products may improve the gut dysbiosis and inflammation that may be causing your histamine intolerance.


Our Histamine Blend includes optimal support for individuals who anticipate needing seasonal allergy support. It is ideal for those who want an all-in-one product and for those who do not typically suffer from supplement sensitivities.

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What Is Histamine, and What Does It Do?

Histamine is a naturally occurring organic chemical that is produced in your body. When your body is exposed to an allergen, like pollen or dust, histamine is released from MAST cells.

When the immune system releases histamine in your tissues, you may experience allergy symptoms, such as itchy eyes, skin rashes, inflammation, or in extreme cases, life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Histamine intolerance is primarily an issue with excess histamine in the digestive tract, which can develop from gut imbalances.


Quercetin helps support stable mast cells to promote inflammatory balance. It is a plant flavonoid that has demonstrated an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effect and may help reduce histamine intolerance symptoms [123].

✔ Potent bioflavonoid

✔ Promotes healthy enzyme levels

✔ Supports normal sinus and respiratory function

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been shown to reduce serum histamine levels [4], and is known to have antihistamine properties [5]. Supplemental vitamin C may help you manage your symptoms of histamine intolerance while you work on the underlying causes.

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ Immune Support

✔ Vitamin and Mineral Support


Resveratrol has a variety of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory properties and acts as a powerful free radical scavenger to assist the immune system.

✔ Supports healthy blood vessels, platelets, and heart function

✔ Maintains natural cell growth

✔ Potent antioxidant activity