Support Your Gut Health, Skin, and Joints Naturally.

Collagen is known for its anti-aging benefits for skin and joints. But did you know it may also boost your intestinal health? Marine Collagen is an easy way to rejuvenate your tissues and support overall wellness, daily.

What the Research Shows

Collagen Supports Healing & Fights Aging

Collagen is a critical part of our bodies’ connective tissue. It plays a huge role in our gut lining, skin, hair, nails, joints, and other organs.

As we age, our bodies don’t produce collagen as effectively. We may see fine lines, feel pain or stiffness, or have creeping gut issues.

Taking collagen may actually stimulate our bodies to build more of our own connective tissues in skin, according to a few early studies.[1, 2]

This suggests that collagen has a powerful ability to support our bodies’ natural ability to heal.

Are You Getting Enough Collagen in Your Diet?

The best food sources of collagen are gelatin and bone broth, both of which actually contain collagen.

There are also numerous foods that contain some of the amino acids or nutrients (like protein, vitamin C, zinc, copper, and sulfur) your body uses to produce collagen.

A few dietary sources: eggs, citrus, leafy greens, fish, oysters, garlic.

Marine Collagen is an easy, consistent way to supplement if you’re not sure you are getting enough dietary nutrients to support collagen production.

PS. Marine Collagen pairs great with our Elemental Heal. See details below.

What the Research Shows: Benefits From Beauty to Gut Health... To Joint Health

Collagen’s benefits to skin are well-established. It is a great addition to your beauty and skin health regimen.

  • High-quality human trials show it is anti-aging, safely improving skin elasticity and moisture. [3, 4, 5]

  • A double-blind human study showed it even helps with cellulite.[6]

There’s also evidence that supplementing with collagen gives your joints and muscles extra support.

  • A double-blind, randomized human study shows that collagen could aid in joint therapy for osteoarthritis.[7]
  • A human study shows potential for collagen supplementation to improve joint pain in athletes.[8]
  • Another double-blind, randomized human study shows joint pain in athletes improved from hydrolyzed collagen.[9]
  • A study of 25 young men shows their muscle strength when resistance training increased more with collagen peptide supplements than without.[10]

Consuming fish lowers your risk of certain cancers. This is partially why we use fish-derived rather than beef-derived collagen.

  • A compelling meta-analysis of 21 studies showed a reduced risk of breast cancer from consuming fish.[11]
  • And one high-quality human study shows fish in your diet reduces colorectal cancer risk.[12]

While data are still preliminary (in animal & cell studies), we can infer that collagen is beneficial to your gut lining.

  • A study of human cells showed that collagen peptides significantly decreased dysfunction to the intestinal barrier (which plays a role in inflammatory bowel disease and organ failure).[13]
  • Pigs given l-glutamate, a key amino acid in collagen, showed improvement in their intestinal integrity.[14]
  • A study showed that pre-treating rats with glycine (another amino acid in collagen) protected their gut from stress- and chemically-induced ulcers.[15]

And don’t forget about your microbiome…

We can also infer that a diet rich in fish gets you closer to a healthy ancestral diet, based on research about hunter-gatherers,[16] and may strengthen your gut microbiome.[17]

Marine Collagen can be easily combined with Elemental Heal or another gut-healing smoothie.

Our Marine Collagen is a great addition to any gut-healing beverage. It contains 8 out of 9 essential amino acids, and both type I and type III collagen. These types of collagen can be found in our intestines, skin, tendons, bones, muscles, artery walls, and even some organs.

We recommend it especially as an add-on to Elemental Heal. No matter how much Elemental Heal you use in a day, you can include 2 rounded tablespoons of Marine Collagen into daily Elemental Heal use!

Why marine collagen over bovine?

Marine collagen contains the same essential amino acids as bovine collagen, just in a slightly different ratio. It’s made from the nutritious bones and skin of fish.

You’ll get collagen types I and III—beneficial to skin, nails, joints, organs, and more—in both marine and bovine collagen.

So, similar benefits between marine and bovine. But fish may still top beef when it comes to health.

An impressive global assessment of the hunter-gatherer diet found that our ancestors consumed diets rich in fish (especially as they moved away from the equator and protein and fat consumption increased).[18] This strongly suggests that increased fish consumption gets us closer to the natural, paleo-style diet of early humans.

Fish, not beef, was the primary food that increased in the diet as protein and fat consumption increased.

Fish protein may even promote a healthier gut microbiome.[19] (Thanks to Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. for making me aware of this research!)

Red meat’s impact on the microbiota appears more mixed.


The takeaway?

A paleo-like diet contains a higher fish intake than beef. Fish consumption, which includes fish collagen, is likely good for your gut and may lower cancer risk.

Consuming more fish (over beef) can help you return to a healthier, more ancestral diet.

With marine collagen, you may also stimulate the health of tissues like skin, joints, and hair.


*This is not to say beef is bad, but I fear it is being overconsumed by western paleo dieters.*

What about mercury from fish?

Our marine collagen is tested for mercury to ensure none is detected.

Make sure you also eat fish!

Your risk of mercury toxicity from taking this product is low. Recent research shows that dietary selenium (also contained in fish) protects us against the effects of mercury.[21] While some fish have more mercury than selenium protection, these are only a few species, like shark and swordfish.

Support My Gut, Joints, and Skin

Our Marine Collagen can be added to Elemental Heal.

It’s easy to get started on a healing path. Marine Collagen is odorless and flavorless, and can be mixed into your favorite beverage!

Elemental Heal is a great one to pair it with for the ultimate gut-healing smoothie.

Sustainable, free from additives and common allergens.

Our Marine Collagen is easy to digest and non-GMO, and contains no gluten, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or sulfites. Processing removes nearly all allergens. (If you’re allergic to fish, consult your physician before taking.)

It is sustainably-sourced from wild-caught fish.

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