Probiotics can cause dramatic improvement in your gut and microbiota health

How to Use it

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

  • A growing body of research shows that probiotic supplementation leads to clinically meaningful improvements in a host of health issues, with benefits beyond the gut.*
  • Probiotics work across a range of issues because a healthy gut is foundational for your overall health.*
  • Imbalances in gut bacteria are common. Probiotics may help support gut bacteria and a healthy immune response.*
  • Many people don’t seem to achieve balance in their microbiota with just one species of probiotic. Research supports a multispecies approach and I have seen the best results with my patients following the Probiotic Triple Therapy, which includes all three probiotic categories. 
  • For many patients who have tried probiotics without success in the past, Probiotic Triple Therapy can make all the difference.
  • Not all probiotics are created equal, many do not contain what their labels claim. Independent lab testing validates the species and potency of our probiotics.

What's Inside