Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla

Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla

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Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla

Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla

Organic Select Pea™ Vanilla is a natural plant-based protein powder designed to help improve protein nutrition and to support lean body composition. Derived from certified organic yellow peas, it offers a superior source of protein for people of all ages, and is ideal for individuals who must avoid whey and dairy proteins due to lactose or casein intolerance, as well as for strict vegetarians. Organic Select Pea™ contains no additives or carriers, is free of pesticide residues and allergens including gluten and soy, and is processed without solvents.

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What people say about Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla

Key Benefits

High-Quality Plant-Based Protein

Offers a premium source of protein from certified organic yellow peas, supporting muscle growth and maintenance.

Supports Lean Body Composition

Ideal for improving protein nutrition while assisting in maintaining a lean physique.


Perfect for those with lactose, casein intolerance, or soy and gluten sensitivities, as well as vegetarians.

Pure & Natural

Free from additives, carriers, pesticides, and processed without solvents, ensuring a clean protein source.

Why Choose
Organic Select Pea Protein - Vanilla?

Versatile Dietary Compatibility
Specially designed for individuals avoiding dairy, soy, and gluten, making it a universally suitable protein option.
Environmental and Health Safety
Adheres to strict organic farming standards, guaranteeing a product free from harmful residues and allergens.
Delicious and Convenient
Comes in a delightful vanilla flavor, easily blending into your favorite smoothies or recipes for a nutritious boost without compromising taste.