Female Hormone Balancing Herbs

Female Hormone Balancing Herbs act in a corrective fashion. This means that it does not matter if estrogen or progesterone levels are high or low, the herbs help bring you back to balance. Hormone testing is not needed, simply choose the supplements based on your current hormonal status (cycling or non-cycling females).

Estro Harmony

Estro-Harmony is a blend of botanicals specifically formulated to balance hormones and promote healthy levels of estrogen. This formula works to reduce hot flashes, improve sleep and is beneficial for mood and overall well-being. The ingredients selected for Estro-Harmony are very well-supported by quality research and are safe to use.

Progest Harmony

Progest-Harmony is a robust natural formula that balances progesterone-to-estrogen hormone levels and optimizes prolactin levels. This promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and reduces symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance. The ingredients in Progest-Harmony have a long history of traditional use, are supported by high-quality human research and have an excellent safety profile.