Biota-Fiber is the ultimate fiber product. It is a comprehensive product that contains 12 different types of fiber and none of the proteins or harsh, irritating components commonly found in other fiber products on the market.

  • A useful tool to help support proper weight management, carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism.*
  • Contains a combination of fibers derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, and tree extracts.
  • Designed with the features of the Paleolithic diet in mind, which is what human physiology is most likely adapted to fit.
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Suggested Use

  • Take 5 grams (approximately 2 tsp.) in water per day, or as directed by a health care practitioner.
  • Consume extra water when taking Biota-Fiber.
  • Prevent gas and bloating by increasing doses slowly, allowing the body time to adjust to higher doses of fiber.
  • Do not take Biota-Fiber at the same time as any prescription medication, especially fat soluble ones such as HRT as it may reduce the absorption.

Product Facts

  • 12 types of fiber: Fibregum tan acacia gum, creafibe cellulose, guar gum, cranberry seed powder, carrot fiber, inulin, citrus fiber, apple pectin, glucomannan, psyllium husk, flax, prune 
  • Free of non-paleolithic food extracts: free of grains (wheat, oat or rice bran) and legumes (peas, beans or soy fibers) » gluten and lectin free, low allergenicity » free of phytates (phytate fiber is found in grains, has an acid load and binds minerals -which interferes with their absorption)
  • Has significant antioxidant activity from fibregum tan (a unique acacia gum high in polyphenols) and cranberry seed powder (also high in polyphenols and anthocyanidins that give it its red color)
  • Negligible caloric value: no significant carbohydrate content (although fiber is required to be listed as grams of carbohydrates on food labels)
  • A good balance of soluble and insoluble fibers, with emphasis on soluble fiber (which is very hard to get from common diets)
  • Guaranteed purity: free of toxic contaminants
  • Naturally flavored: no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • Mixes well & tastes great!

What's Inside?

300 g Powder
  • 300 g Powder

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