Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12

Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12

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Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12

Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12

The Evolution Protein Bar is a high protein* on-the-go snack designed to maintain between-meal energy levels and to be gut friendly.

Evolution Protein Bar: 

  • We took the benefits of our gut supportive Elemental Heal and put them in a bar
  • Provides a balance of protein, fat, and carbs 
  • Does not contain artificial or prebiotic sweeteners, like many ‘healthy’ bars, therefore is gut friendly  
  • Tastes delicious
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What people say about Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12

Key Benefits

Balanced Nutrition

Offers a perfect blend of protein, fat, and carbs for sustained energy.


Free from ingredients that upset the GI tract, like prebiotics and artificial sweeteners.

High Protein Content

Contains 18g of high-quality whey protein for muscle support and satiety.

Delicious Taste

Enjoy the benefits of Elemental Heal in a delicious chocolate-flavored bar.

Why Choose
Evolution Protein Bar - Box of 12?

Convenient Health
Combines the nutritional advantages of Elemental Heal in an easy, on-the-go snack.
Clean Ingredients
Prioritizes your gut health by avoiding GI-irritating additives found in other health bars.
Energy and Stability
Formulated to maintain energy levels and stabilize blood sugar, supporting a balanced lifestyle.

How to Use It

How to Use It

  • Frequency

    For healthy snacking as and when required between meals, or to top up flagging energy levels. Also the perfect light snack to fuel/rebuild muscle before or after exercise.

Finally, a Gut-Friendly Protein Bar

I developed Evolution Protein Bars because I was tired of all the “health” bars on the market that all gave me an upset stomach. Evolution Bars are actually healthy, taste great, and are free of the artificial sweeteners and prebiotic sweeteners that tend to be problematic for so many people, myself included.

What the Research Shows

  • Higher protein diets can have metabolic benefits. A 2018 randomized controlled trial with 162 overweight/obese adults found that 16 weeks of using high-protein meal replacements and healthy between-meal snacks improved included cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, blood glucose and blood pressure [1].
  • Research is overall unclear as to the effects of snacking on health outcomes [2]. However healthy snacking can have these benefits:  
  • • Boosts energy when blood sugar levels drop
  • • Curbs appetite to prevent overeating at the next meal
  • • Provides extra nutrients
  • When people with type 2 diabetes were given moderately high-protein morning and afternoon snacks for four weeks, participants lost a modest but significant amount of weight (everage 2.2 pounds) compared with their standard diet, without changes in calorie intake [3] .
  • Whey protein supplementation used alongside resistance exercise is associated with greater muscle gains, and more significant body fat loss [45]
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) may contribute to slowed gastric emptying and better satiety, a 2019 study suggested. It showed that MCTs were more satiating than LCTs (long-chain triglycerides) [6]

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Healthy On-the-Go

A well-formulated snack bar that is a healthy on-the-go option. 

Blood Sugar Support

Those who struggle with blood sugar or have pre-diabetes or other metabolic risk factors can benefit from the lower sugar, higher protein formulation.

Fitness Fuel: Perfect Pre- or Post-Workout Snack

Also useful as a workout snack — either for energy beforehand or to refuel and repair muscles after exercise. 

Portion Control Made Easy

Individually packaged bar — good for aiding portion control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it not completely sugar free?

For palatability reasons it is not possible to produce a completely sugar free product. We use naturally sourced sugars and some natural monk fruit sweetener. The bar has only 14% of the recommended daily limit of added sugars - less than the sugar in one apple. Nevertheless we suggest, just like all snacks, Evolution bars should be eaten in moderation.

What are the properties of monk fruit sweetener?

Monk fruit sugar comes from the antioxidant-rich monk fruit and is many times sweeter than actual sugar. Monk fruit sugar doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels and can improve your glycemic control. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

How many bars can you consume a day?

This is down to individual choice as there are no ingredients in these bars that would make eating several of them unsafe. That said, snacking should alway be done in healthy moderation and we wouldn't advise more than one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon for most people.