Intestinal Support Formula

Intestinal Support Formula

Intestinal Support Formula

Intestinal Support Formula (ISF) supports healthy immune and inflammatory responses by binding to and combating bad bacteria and other agents in the gut. A healthy inflammatory response helps ensure the gut is more able to heal, repair and absorb more nutrients.*

  • ISF is a supplemental form of immunoglobulins which are found naturally in the mucosal lining of the human gut.
  • ISF can lead to significant improvement in digestive and non-digestive issues.*
  • ISF has been shown to help those who did not respond to treatments like diet, probiotics, and soothing agents.*
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  • Binds to bad bacteria and other toxins in the gut.*
  • Gluten, lactose & casein free
  • Validated by scientific research

Suggested Use

  • Ideal for those who do not fully respond to traditional gut treatments like diet, probiotics, and soothing agents.*
  • Can be used periodically to quell a gut reaction or occasional flare.*

Product Facts

  • A blend of immunoglobulins
  • Available as powder
  • Free of gluten, soy, casein, whey and lactose
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Research verified (the same formula used in research)
  • ISF should NOT be the first approach you try. Diet, probiotics and treating gut imbalances should always be the first step in your gut healing program.*

The missing piece to optimal gut health & immune health support is finally here.

ISF (Intestinal Support Formula) can lead to and support a healthier intestinal lining, improved nutrient absorption and an overall healthier you.*

Why Dr. Ruscio, DC Recommends it

  • Most gut therapies work to balance the bacteria and fungus in your gut. These approaches include dietary changes and probiotic treatments.*
  • Immunoglobulin supplementation is novel because it supports the immune system instead. This is often the missing piece for those who have not responded fully to other approaches. Immunoglobulins bind to and help neutralize gut irritants.*
  • After following the compelling preliminary research on immunoglobulins, I began using them in my clinical practice. After using Intestinal Support Formula for several months, I could clearly see that it was an approach that stood out relative to many others. Intestinal Support Formula works well for stubborn gut issues and has a high rate of success. Most patients tolerate ISF very well.
  • While this is an exciting new development in combating gut issues, it’s very important to always try diet and probiotics first.*

What the Research Shows

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Preliminary clinical research has shown this to be true – this is not speculation

To date, nine quality trials, in humans, have shown improvement with Intestinal Support Formula (ISF). 123456789

The research has even shown that, 10 in those who have not fully responded to other gut treatments ISF can make the difference. ISF has been shown to help patients who did not respond to treatments like diet, probiotics, antimicrobials and soothing agents.

This is worth repeating. In a study by Weinstock: 11

  • Patients were diagnosed with either SIBO, IBS or both
  • Then offered a few different treatments
  • In those who did not respond to any treatment, they were given ISF
  • A 75% response rate was noted!

More Science

The evidence supporting ISF also includes one randomized, placebo-controlled trial 12 and one large survey of 595 patients wherein 67% reported benefit from ISF. 13

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, Intestinal Support Formula caused a significant improvement in: 14 abdominal pain, flatulence, urgency, loose stools, bloating or any symptom.

Elemental Heal has definitely helped in the recovery of my gut, but even more importantly with my energy levels.

I don’t ever want to be without it – I take it every day.

I am amazed with the results of immunoglobulin capsules. My husband and I both tried it, and here’s what we noticed. 

  • It improved our complexions
  • Stopped us from getting colds 
  • Prevented food poisoning in Mexico 
  • Helped my bloating 
  • Expanded my food tolerances 
  • Lowered my genetic high cholesterol into normal range, which is a miracle. 

Just one of these would have made it a keeper but with all these benefits my feeling is, I don’t ever want to be without it – I take it every day.

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend SIBO patients (or anyone) take 2-4,000 mg immunoglobulins when traveling to food poisoning prone destinations. And due to it’s ability to bind bacterial endotoxin (LPS) and it’s gut healing properties, it would be an excellent addition to SIBO protocols.

—Dr. Allison Siebecker

Instructor of Advanced Gastroenterology at NUNM, IBS Board of Advisor & Faculty for the GI Health Foundation

How to Use it


Take as powder, 1-2 times per day, with or without food.


  • Initial response should be noted by 1-2 weeks
  • Peak improvement is usually achieved by 6-8 weeks
  • Once peak improvement is noted, wait 2-4 weeks, and then gradually decrease dose


Long Term
For stubborn gut issues
Especially effective for patients who have not been successful with other gut treatments.

Short Term
To quell an occasional flare up

What's Inside?

75 g Powder
  • 75 g Powder
  • Product Claims

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