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Pure artemisinin or Qinghaosu, the active constituent of the herb Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood).

  • Beneficial in balancing the microbiology of the GI tract.
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What people say about Artemesinin

Key Benefits

Balances GI Microbiology

Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal microbiome, supporting digestive health.

Potent Active Constituent

Offers concentrated artemisinin for maximum effectiveness beyond whole herb forms.

Verified Potency

Each batch rigorously tested to ensure high potency and effectiveness for reliable support.

Purity Assured

Guaranteed minimum 98.5% pure artemisinin, free from thujone and other impurities.

Why Choose

Superior Quality
Sourced from high-quality Artemisia annua, ensuring an optimal concentration of the active ingredient.
Trusted Introduction
Brought to the U.S. market by ARG, a pioneer in artemisinin supplements with over a decade of expertise.
Independent Verification
Undergoes independent potency assays and effectiveness tests, affirming its high-quality standard.