Histamine Pro

Histamine Pro

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Histamine Pro

Histamine Pro

Histamine Pro is a powerful blend of ingredients that can help you tackle high histamine levels, and/or oversensitivity to histamine’s effects.

  • Regulates histamine metabolism
  • Helps balance an overactive immune system
  • Useful during and beyond allergy season
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What people say about Histamine Pro

Key Benefits

Regulates Histamine Metabolism

Supports balanced histamine levels for improved well-being.

Allergy Symptom Relief

Helps reduce symptoms from environmental allergies like pollen.

Immune System Balance

Aids in balancing an overactive immune response, reducing inflammation.

Broader Symptom Management

Assists in alleviating histamine intolerance symptoms including brain fog and joint pain.

Why Choose
Histamine Pro?

Patented Ingredients
Features Tinofend® for effective immune modulation and reduced inflammation.
Natural Antihistamine Support
Contains quercetin and nettle leaf extract for natural histamine control.
Enhanced with Vitamin C
Includes 500 mg vitamin C to bolster immune function and histamine metabolism.

How to Use It

How to Use It

  • daily dose

    • Take 2 capsules twice a day, or 1 capsule 4 times a day

    • Best taken with food or a drink

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Would it be useful to take Histamine Pro before the hayfever season starts?

If you know you are allergic to specific seasonal pollens, it would likely be helpful to start taking Histamine Pro for 4–6 weeks in advance of the season. But quicker results may also be experienced.

Can it be used for intolerance to histamines in food?

Yes, the supplement can be very helpful if you react to histamine in foods. A reduced histamine diet and a gut healing regime is the first priority, given that histamine issues normally start because of problems in the digestive tract.

Can Histamine Pro help with brain fog?

Yes, if the brain fog is related to histamine intolerance. Other common symptoms of histamine intolerance include  migraines, nasal congestion, nausea, fatigue and hives.

What other steps should I take to lower histamine?

Dr Ruscio suggests a low histamine diet and use of triple therapy probiotics. High histamine foods include fermented or aged foods like mature cheese and wine. Certain vegetables, including spinach and eggplant, also have high histamine levels.