Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks

Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks

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Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks

Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks

The All-In-One Triple Therapy Probiotic features three separate categories of research-backed probiotics in one effective supplement for thorough, synergistic support — the culmination of years of research and clinical experience. Now prepackaged in a convenient stick.


  • Maintains stability with NO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED

  • Multi-species, therapeutic dose formula supports gut and immune health.*

  • Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial for human health in thousands of research studies.*

  • Low allergen formula suitable for a sensitive gut.*

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What people say about Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Gut Support

Integrates three probiotic strains for multifaceted gut health enhancement.

Microbiota Diversity

Promotes increased diversity of gut bacteria, crucial for optimal digestive function.

Immune Modulation

Aids in healthy immune response and inflammation control.

Pathogen Defense

Offers protection against harmful microorganisms and their toxins.

Why Choose
Triple Therapy Probiotic Powder Sticks?

Advanced Triple-Action Formula
Uniquely combines three probiotic strains in one, supporting gut and immune health effectively.
Designed for Modern Lifestyle
Designed to mitigate modern stress and dietary impacts on gut health.
Quality Assured
Lab-verified for potency and purity, ideal for travel with no refrigeration needed.

How to Use It

How to Use It

Mixing Directions

  • STEP 1

    Take 1 stick of Triple Therapy Probiotic

  • STEP 2

    Mix it thoroughly with your favorite cold beverage.

Usage Frequency


    Use 1-2 times per day, according to your personal health goals or as recommended by your healthcare provider.


    Can be taken with or without food to fit into your daily routine easily.

The protocol itself pretty much changed my life. About Two Days in, I was screaming it from the rooftops.”

Verified Buyer

They made me feel a lot better from day one.”

Verified Buyer

And within days, I felt like old me.”

Verified Buyer

It took a little while to get things going, but now it’s going like gangbusters.”

Verified Buyer

They were very helpful with bloating, even with anxiety and other non-digestive symptoms.”

Verified Buyer

I’ve been able to introduce dairy back.”

Verified Buyer

Even within this last month, I’ve lost weight like crazy, sleeping super well.”

Verified Buyer

And the thing is, you don’t always know how sick you are until you’re better.”

Verified Buyer

What the Research Shows

  • When multi-species probiotics were compared with single species of probiotics for IBS treatment, the multi-species probiotics were more effective [123]. 
  • In a meta-analysis of studies using probiotics to treat constipation, multi-species probiotics were also found to yield better results [4]. 
  • Another meta-analysis found that multiple species of probiotics were more effective than single species in reducing depressive symptoms (5).
  • High-quality studies show probiotics such as Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium improve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms including bloating, abdominal pain, gas and disrupted bowel movements  [678910111213]. 
  • The probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii (a helpful yeast) is particularly effective at preventing antibiotic-associated and IBS-related diarrhea  [141516], and also helps infants with recovery from diarrhea (18).
  • A randomized controlled trial involving 80 patients with mild, intermittent constipation found that 7 weeks of soil-based probiotics (bacillus coagulans) led to improved gut transit time, more complete bowel movements, and less abdominal discomfort (19).
  • Probiotics may improve non-digestive symptoms common in those with IBS, such as fatigue [2021], joint or body pain [2223], and brain fog [24].
  • It’s been suggested probiotics might be contraindicated in SIBO because of excessive bacterial growth. This is NOT the case and probiotics can be highly effective in treating SIBO — more so even than antibiotics. [252627].
  • Probiotics may reduce the need for thyroid medication and reduce fatigue in hypothyroid patients [28]. This is likely because probiotics fight H. pylori and SIBO, both strongly associated with hypothyroidism.
  • Probiotics, including soil-based probiotics, can help a leaky gut (damage to your gut lining) [2930313233].
  • Probiotics can be helpful in the treatment of reflux and GERD [34].
  • Probiotics may be helpful in preventing urinary tract infections and vaginal infections in women [3536].
  • Probiotics decrease oral pathogens that cause cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease and may be beneficial for maintenance of oral health [37].
  • Significant mood improvements have been noted in those with mild to moderate depressive symptoms who take probiotics  [3839].There is also limited data showing anxiety can be improved from probiotics [4041].
  • Preliminary evidence suggests probiotics may help with fatigue-related “coherence” (brain fog), in people with IBS [42].
  • Probiotics have improved cognition in patients with Alzheimer's [4344].
  • Several studies show that probiotics may help improve sleep quality [4546474849].
  • Probiotics may help with dairy tolerance [50], non-celiac gluten sensitivity [5152], and seasonal allergies [53] [54] [55]. 
  • Clinical trials found improvements when probiotic supplements were used to treat dermatitis and acne [56575859].

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Extensive Research Supporting Gut and Overall Health Benefits

A large body of quality research shows probiotics promote good health in the gut and beyond.*

Balancing Gut Microbiota

Friendly bacteria help correct imbalances in gut microbes, helping to optimise your immune system and reduce inflammation.

Synergistic Effect of Multi-Strain Probiotics

Many people don’t seem to achieve balance in their microbiota with just one category of probiotic. Research supports the benefits of different types of probiotics, and I have seen the best results with patients who combine lacto-bifido bacteria, friendly yeasts and soil microorganisms together.

Effective Results for Patients Unsuccessful with Single-Strain Probiotics

In many patients who have tried individual probiotics unsuccessfully in the past, this combination produces effective results.

Guaranteed Potency and Species Accuracy

Not all probiotics are created equal — independent lab testing validates the species and potency of our probiotics so you know they contain what the label claims.

Convenient, All-in-One, Shelf-Stable Formula Ideal for Travel

Patients find it super convenient to take this all-in-one formula, which has all the potency of the three separate formulations in one shelf-stable product (perfect for traveling).

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, probiotic supplements or probiotic foods?

Diet can be a great source of probiotics if you are eating a lot of cultured and fermented foods. A challenge with diet is that it is difficult to obtain the same dose used in the research studies. Consider adding probiotic supplementation to your diet for optimal results.  

Are probiotics safe for everybody?

Researchers have found that probiotics have health benefits even for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, infants and children. The Triple Therapy Probiotic supplement is also safe for bad bacterial overgrowth, such as SIBO.

Should I take the Triple Therapy Probiotic supplement or introduce the three separate products?

Many people can take the Triple Therapy Probiotic product straight away and do very well on it. Taking all three probiotic categories together often seems to produce the best results.

However, if you have a hyper-sensitive gut, you may want to introduce them one at a time. Start with the Lacto-Bifido product, then the S. Boulardii, and finally the Soil Based Probiotic. Once you are tolerating them all well, you can switch to the Triple Therapy Probiotic for extra convenience.

Is the All-In One Supplement the same potency as the three separate ones sold individually?

Yes, taken at the recommended dosage, this Triple Therapy Probiotic is exactly the same as taking the three probiotics separately. It also has the extra benefit of not needing to be refrigerated.

When is the best time to take probiotics?

Probiotics can be taken with or without food at any time of day. Try to make it the same every day so you get into a routine. Do what’s easiest for you.

How long do I need to take probiotics?

This is very individual. As a rule of thumb you should wait until you feel that your symptoms have reached maximum improvement  and then continue for 1-2 months. After this point, you may choose to gradually reduce your dose until you reach the lowest effective dose.

Can probiotics improve my mood?

Clinical trials have documented improvements in depression and anxiety after probiotic supplementation.

Can probiotics help with brain fog?

Brain fog isn’t usually studied in isolation but we can make some inferences from other studies where probiotics have improved cognition.  This includes probiotics improving cognitive function for patients with Alzheimer’s, bi-polar disorder and fibromyalgia.

Can probiotics help with allergies?

A systematic review of 15 clinical trials found that probiotics can improve dairy tolerance. Another meta-analysis of 22 randomized control trials concluded that probiotics can improve seasonal allergy.  

There is also data, albeit mixed, suggesting that probiotics given to children may prevent or reduce formation of allergy. 

Can probiotics help with thyroid function?

One study found participants who took a probiotic required less thyroid hormone replacement medication.  

Recent research shows that gut infections like SIBO and H. Pylori are strongly associated with hypothyroidism.  Probiotics can combat both SIBO and H. Pylori.

Can probiotics help me sleep better?

Several studies show that probiotics can help with sleep quality. In one study, medical students found that probiotics helped them sleep during times of exam stress. In other studies, probiotics have helped patients with IBS and depression to sleep better.

Can probiotics help with female hormone function?

Preliminary evidence shows that when bacterial diversity in the gut increases, health conditions associated with female hormone imbalance improve. Probiotics have been shown to improve inflammatory and hormonal markers in women with PCOS. 

In my clinic, patients with female hormone conditions have very good results when prescribed probiotics and an herbal blend to balance female hormones.