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Antibiofilm enzyme combination with EDTA. The presence of calcium, iron, and magnesium is essential for biofilm creation and serves to cross-link the anionic regions of polymers. Biota-Dissolve includes EDTA which binds the metals needed for biofilm formation. Biota-Dissolve can be used for maximum antibiofilm support activity.*

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What people say about Biota-Dissolve

Key Benefits

Biofilm Disruption

Targets and dismantles biofilm structures, crucial for combating persistent gut imbalances.

Metal Chelation

Utilizes EDTA to bind essential metals, interrupting the biofilm formation process.

Enhances Treatment Efficacy

Improves the effectiveness of antimicrobial therapies by exposing hidden bacteria and fungi.

Supports Gut Health

Contributes to a healthier gut environment by aiding in the removal of protective bacterial layers.

Why Choose

Specialized Antibiofilm Action
Offers targeted support against biofilms, enhancing gut health interventions.
Synergistic Formula
Designed to complement and boost the performance of other gut health supplements for comprehensive care.
High-Quality Ingredients
Formulated with precision for maximum safety and efficacy, ensuring a premium antibiofilm solution.