Soil-Based Probiotic

Soil-Based Probiotic

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Soil-Based Probiotic

Soil-Based Probiotic

Soil-Based Probiotic is a powerful, hypoallergenic blend of genetically certified Bacillus coagulans and B. subtilis species formulated to provide unique probiotic support of healthy gastrointestinal and immune function.*

  • Soil-Based Probiotic is recommended for enhanced support of normal GI and immune function.*
  • Supports a healthy and balanced microbiota.*
  • It is certified free of casein, gluten, and soy. 
  • Soil-Based Probiotic does not require refrigeration.
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No Preservatives

No Preservatives

What people say about Soil-Based Probiotic

Key Benefits

Broad Health Benefits

Probiotic supplementation enhances overall health, crucial for gut integrity and immune function.

Gut Ecosystem Balance

Bacillus probiotics effectively promote a balanced and healthy gut microbiome.

Inflammatory and Gut Health Support

Specific strains bolster inflammatory response and maintain gut barrier integrity.

Symptom Improvement

Demonstrated relief in occasional diarrhea, bloating, stool consistency, with additional benefits for constipation.

Why Choose
Soil-Based Probiotic?

Adapted to Modern Needs
Recognizing our reduced contact with natural environments and soil, this probiotic supplements the lack of exposure to the diverse microorganisms found in these settings, potentially filling a critical gap in our current lifestyle and diet.
Quality and Potency Validation
Unlike many probiotics that fail to deliver the strains and potencies they claim, soil-based probiotics are rigorously tested in independent labs to ensure they meet label claims, providing assurance of their efficacy.
Natural Colonizing Ability
Bacillus species, the core of soil-based probiotics, naturally colonize the gut, offering a more permanent and stable solution to gut health issues compared to transient probiotic strains.

How to Use It

How to Use It

  • daily dose

    Take 2 capsules, 1-2 times per day.

    • As part of a gut supporting and healing program.*

    • For ongoing health maintenance.

The protocol itself pretty much changed my life. About Two Days in, I was screaming it from the rooftops.”

Verified Buyer

They made me feel a lot better from day one.”

Verified Buyer

And within days, I felt like old me.”

Verified Buyer

It took a little while to get things going, but now it’s going like gangbusters.”

Verified Buyer

They were very helpful with bloating, even with anxiety and other non-digestive symptoms.”

Verified Buyer

I’ve been able to introduce dairy back.”

Verified Buyer

Even within this last month, I’ve lost weight like crazy, sleeping super well.”

Verified Buyer

And the thing is, you don’t always know how sick you are until you’re better.”

Verified Buyer

What the Research Shows

  • Soil-Based Probiotics are Bacillus species, aka soil-based organisms which appear to be more of a colonizing category of bacteria. [12, 3]*
  • Bacilli species make residence in the microbiome. [4]*
  • These class of probiotics help to nudge the ecosystem in a healthier direction:
  • For example, consumption of B. coagulans was shown to increase beneficial groups of bacteria in the gut and production of cytokines that help support a healthy inflammatory response. [5]*
  • Subtilis also helps maintain gut barrier integrity and promotes a healthy inflammatory response in the gut. [67]*
  • Bacillus species are a major player in overall gut health and improve a host of biomarkers. [89]
  • To date, over 20 quality studies have shown improvement with soil-based probiotics [1011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738]
  • The research shows improvement in occasional: [394041424344454647]
  • • Diarrhea
  • • Bloating
  • • Stool consistency
  • These studies also showed improvements for having a slight benefit on constipation. [48495051525354]

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Why Dr. Ruscio Recommends It

Probiotic Power: Transforming Health Beyond the Gut

A growing body of research shows that probiotic supplementation leads to clinically meaningful improvements in a host of health issues, with benefits beyond the gut.*

Gut Health, Overall Wellness: Probiotics at the Core

Probiotics work across a range of issues because a healthy gut is foundational for your overall health.*

Supporting Gut Balance: Probiotics for Immune Health

Imbalances in gut bacteria are common. Probiotics may help support gut bacteria and a healthy immune response.*

Harnessing Innovation: Soil-Based Probiotics for Modern Health

This is a newer type of probiotic which may help supplement the lack of contact we have with dirt and natural environments.

Trust in Quality: Validated Potency

Not all probiotics are created equal, many do not contain what their labels claim. Independent lab testing validates the strains and potency of our probiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, probiotic supplements or probiotic foods?

Diet can be a great source of probiotics if you are eating a lot of cultured and fermented foods. A challenge with diet is that it is difficult to obtain the same dose used in the research studies. Consider adding probiotic supplementation to your diet for optimal results.  

Are probiotics safe for children?

Researchers have found that probiotics are safe and have health benefits for pregnant moms, infants and kids. 

Should I take probiotics with or without food?

Probiotics can be taken with or without food. Do what’s easiest for you.

Can probiotics improve my mood?

Clinical trials have documented improvements in depression and anxiety after probiotic supplementation.

Can probiotics help me sleep better?

Several studies show that probiotics can help with sleep quality. In one study, medical students found that probiotics helped them sleep during times of exam stress. In other studies, probiotics have helped patients with IBS and depression to sleep better.

Can probiotics help with female hormone function?

Preliminary evidence shows that when bacterial diversity in the gut increases, health conditions associated with female hormone imbalance improve. Probiotics have been shown to improve inflammatory and hormonal markers in women with PCOS. 

In my clinic, patients with female hormone conditions have very good results when prescribed probiotics and an herbal blend to balance female hormones.

Can probiotics help with weight loss?

While the research connection between probiotics and weight loss is not strong, evidence suggests a connection between certain types of bacteria overgrowth in SIBO and obesity. 

Can probiotics help with brain fog?

Brain fog isn’t usually studied in isolation but we can make some inferences from other studies where probiotics have improved cognition.  This includes probiotics improving cognitive function for patients with Alzheimer’s, bi-polar disorder and fibromyalgia.

Can probiotics help with allergies?

A systematic review of 15 clinical trials found that probiotics can improve dairy tolerance. Another meta-analysis of 22 randomized control trials concluded that probiotics can improve seasonal allergy.  

There is also data, albeit mixed, suggesting that probiotics given to children may prevent or reduce formation of allergy. 

Can probiotics help with thyroid function?

One study found participants who took a probiotic required less thyroid hormone replacement medication.  

Recent research shows that gut infections like SIBO and H. Pylori are strongly associated with hypothyroidism.  Probiotics can combat both SIBO and H. Pylori.

Are soil based probiotics safe?

We make sure that any product we sell are well researched and safe for use. Soil Based Probiotics are backed by over 20 clinical trials, and if you want to learn more, check out our comprehensive probiotics guide here

How to choose which formulation is right for you:

For some people, starting with less strains is easier when introducing a new class of probiotics. Also, some may find relief from introducing just 2-strains of soil-based probiotics.

If you are familiar with soil-based probiotics and want to use a more robust array of strains, our 3-strain formulation is a great choice as well.

Both products contain verifiable strains with clinical efficacy.